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Our Collection of French Furniture

The Best French Furniture with only one click

Our large collection of unique French-style furniture will ensure that your room is a perfect match for your style. Our range consists of the opulent La Vergne Collection, the stylish silver Claudette collection, the fashionable Florence and of course the top selling Chantelle. You can’t go wrong with our collection of elegant, trendy  and sophisticated designs.

Unique Design for your Home

We find inspiration in the mundane and the extraordinary. It could be as simple as a blooming flower or a beautiful piece of jewellery. Our team is passionate about beautiful design and they love to create. So why not leave it to us to make you look the part and strike up that conversation.

Feast your eyes on our Shabby Chic Furniture

Buying our products has never been easier. Our products are curated to ensure that the the classy French look is perfectly portrayed in your home or office. Our people are passionate about putting together new ideas into something beautiful. Get in touch with our team, we know you’ll have a blast.